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Attention Smokers Who Are Serious About Quitting Smoking

Give me 7 days and I'll make you QUIT SMOKING forever using 'QC-5/7 Framework' in an "easy and enjoyable" way.  

The 'QC-5/7 Framework: Your Proven Path to Quit for Good, based on 6 years of personal experience, 3 years of dedicated study, and 2 years of helping hundreds kick the habit   

Unlock the Secret: The 6-Minute Guide to Quit Smoking for Good

"If your mind says you don't have time to watch now or you'll do it later, reconsider. That's the same trick your mind plays when quitting smoking. If you can't commit to a 6-min video revealing how to quit, quitting itself will be tough."

I Went From Smoking 20+ Cigarettes A Day To Zero Overnight. YOU TOO CAN🫵

Over 100+ People have walked this path before you

Try the program for just 179rs that's less than a pack of cigarette with 100% money back if you don't like the program.

If you make the right decision today, you will quit smoking in 7 days 📅 Program will start TODAY

See What Other Smokers Using the Program Are Saying: Real Stories of Successful Quitting!

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Can this really work for me?

This method will work for you because it doesn't rely on your willpower, decision-making, or self-control. It's effective because it's based on a structured system that provides clear steps to follow, taking the guesswork out of the equation. It's simple, easy and effective.

✅100% Money-Back Guarantee. If this doesn't work.


❌Quit on your own??❌

Total duration of the program is 34years

  • Keep postponing everyday❌

  • wait for the right time (Thats never coming) ❌

  • Countless failed attempts❌

  • Contant advices from friends and family ❌

  • Degrading health❌

  • difficulty breathing and early onset of diseases ❌


The total duration of the program is 30days 

  • 7-day recorded program (20-30 min daily) offers you the essential knowledge and techniques to quit smoking effortlessly. 

  • Weekly Live Guided Sessions  Dive deeper into your journey with personalized guidance from Dr. Vinod Prakash himself. These live sessions ensure that your journey to quitting smoking is tailored to your individual needs and provide invaluable support to prevent relapse.

  • 1 One-on-one counseling with Dr. Vinod Prakash customizes strategies to overcome cigarette triggers and cravings, ensuring a successful quit without relapse.🌟

You will quit smoking on 7th day

179rs ! That's less than what you spend on cigarettes


Calculate Your Cigarette Costs

Let's do the math. If you smoke 7 cigarettes a day at ₹18 each, that's ₹126 every day, which adds up to ₹3,780 each month and a huge ₹45,360 every year. Think about it – every cigarette costs you 11 minutes of your life. That's like losing 1.5 days each month just to smoke.

But here's the good part: our program costs much less than what you're spending on smoking, and we promise you'll get all your money back if it doesn't work for you. So there's no risk.

Remember when you said you'd quit on January 1st? It's been three months now, and you've already spent ₹1,36,080 and lost 5 whole days of your life to smoking.

Our program works, and even if it doesn't, you won't lose anything. But if you don't try it, you'll keep losing your health, your money, and your time.

Make the smart choice today. Sign up for our program and say goodbye to cigarettes forever. Your future self will thank you.

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What You Will Get In This Program

QC-5/7 Method Used By Smokers Who Quit Successfully Which You Too Can Use

Live mentoring where you will be guided in the right way, making sure you don't relapse

3 Ingredients You Need To Get The Right Mindset To Quit Smoking

Secrets Tips & Tricks To Fight Cravings Without Relapsing


100% Money-Back Guarantee

"I understand taking action towards quitting smoking can be daunting. That's why I want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision. If you invest in this program and find it doesn't work for you, I'll refund your money.

Even after trying all the methods outlined in the program, if you're still unable to quit, there's no reason to hold onto your hard-earned money. Simply send an email, and within 7 days, you'll receive a refund without any questions asked. Your satisfaction and well-being are my top priorities."

Here's what our enrolled participants are saying


Meet Dr Vinod Prakash

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Vinod Prakash is doctor turned entrepreneur. he quit both smoking and alcohol in 2018 and has spent 3 years in researching and studying people who quit smoking and alcohol.

✅Doctor and researcher

✅Built two companies

✅Writing a book (Smoke break to breakthrough)

✅Helped 100+ smokers to quit smoking

In 2023 he started QuitCi to help people quit smoking online and he is on a mission to help 100k smoker by the end of 2025.

  • Why should i be eligible ,when i am ready to pay?
    It's not about the cost; it's about your commitment. Your willpower, your fears, they won't stand in your way. What truly counts is your unwavering dedication to quit. That's why we have an eligibility test, to ensure you're genuinely ready for this transformative journey. Your success is within reach, and we're here to support your smoke-free future every step of the way.
  • I Still have fear.
    Fear is a common reaction when we encounter the unknown. But remember, the path to overcoming fear lies in boldly exploring the uncharted territory. Embrace the journey of quitting, and you'll discover the incredible and inspiring life that awaits as a non-smoker.
  • I don't think i can quit
    Your concerns about quitting smoking, including cravings, withdrawal, and the fear of losing pleasure, are understandable. On day 5 of the program, we will address these fears and demonstrate that they are tricks created by your own mind to keep you smoking.
  • When does the program start
    Program starts TODAY
  • When will i quit smoking?
    You will continue to smoke throughout the program and quit on the 7th day.
  • What's the science behind this program
    This program is built on observed patterns of successful quitters. It targets both conscious and subconscious aspects of smoking addiction using techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and neuroplasticity to help individuals reprogram their minds and behaviors effectively
  • Where is the program held?
    Our program is conducted online via Google Meet or Zoom.
  • I have failed in the past how will this program be different?
    This program is different because it is tailored to address the unique challenges you've faced in the past. We've learned from your previous experiences and have designed a comprehensive approach to provide you with the support, strategies, and guidance needed to succeed. It's not about your past failures; it's about your future success, and this program is here to make that journey different and successful.
  • Is there a money-back guaranty?
    Absolutely, there is a money-back guarantee. We want you to feel completely comfortable with the program. Just follow through, complete the tasks, and attend the sessions. If, after doing your part, you feel it's not the right fit for you, a full refund is yours, no questions asked. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.
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